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The Clinton Development Initiative – Transforming Villages in Iringa through Community Based Agribusiness
April 15, 2019

The global pandemic of COVID-19, which is caused by coronavirus, is now reported in many places in Tanzania and some of our people are now infected leading to commencement of the community infections. It is also having unexpected impact on our ways of life and the economy. We are now required to observe social distancing and personal hygiene.
The Government through the Ministry of Health has been issuing regular updates on the state of the disease in Tanzania. This has been a reliable source of information to many of us. In this period of uncertainty not only to Tanzania and Africa as whole but to the whole world, such services by our government are highly appreciated. We all now have to do all that we can to minimize the impact of the Coronavirus for the purpose of saving lives and making sure our economy remains stable and reliable.
SAGCOT Centre Ltd (SCL) urges all of our partners, the agricultural stakeholders in the southern corridor and broader community in Tanzania and beyond to closely monitor and strictly adhere to the government and health authorities’ advice and restrictions.
Below are links and information for our stakeholders to read and monitor to help us survive the COVID-19 pandemic.
SCL will update this directory page as necessary, but we request visitors to this page to monitor government and health authority websites and communication channels for the latest information on COVID-19, preventing the spread of the virus, and the latest government directives. For all us that works with smallholder farmers and rural communities as a whole, we must make sure we provide the needed information and the needed support as per the means possible.

Official Health Advice:
Ministry of Health
World Health Organization

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