Public-Private Sectors Agree and Plan on Priority Policy Areas

Message from SAGCOT Centre
December 29, 2017
DFID Director visit to SAGCOT’s Ihemi Cluster
April 13, 2018

Public-Private Sectors Agree and Plan on Priority Policy Areas for SAGCOT Centre 6th And 7th February, 2018.

Iringa, 7th February, 2018: The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania; SAGCOT Centre convened the public and private sectors to present consolidated policy issues from private sector in Iringa and Njombe Region, which were compared and contrasted to policy issues from key Agricultural Sector Policy Stakeholders like the Policy Analysis Group (PAG), Partnership Accountability Committee (PAC) and Strategic Policy Partners that include Ministries, Government Agencies/Institutions, Non State Actors, etc.

Speaking while inaugurating the workshop, the Iringa Regional Commissioner Hon. Amina Masenza thanked SAGCOT Centre for organizing such important workshop which aims at addressing policy related challenges which will be jointly addressed by SAGCOT Centre and Public-Private Partners for the growth of the agriculture sector.
Hon. Masenza pledged that her office is ready to offer any kind of support necessary that will result into guidelines, policies and procedures while strengthening the enabling environment as we advance towards agricultural economy.

This 2-day meeting aimed at deliberating upon each of the consolidated Policy Issues and prioritizing a maximum of three (3) Policy Issues that the SAGCOT Centre will prioritise through its Policy Department who in turn will closely collaborate with its established Policy Network made up of Strategic Policy Partners, made up of Ministries, Government Agencies/Institutions, Non State Actors, Members of Parliament and Research Institutions, etc. The SAGCOT Centre is pleased to announce, the following three (3) Policy issues to be 2018’s focus:

  • To increase public sector investment in agriculture (focus increased financing in feeder roads infrastructure)
  • To address challenges in misalignment among Government Regulators (focusing on TOSCI, TPRI, TFRA, TBS and TFDA)
  • To improve accessibility of fertilizer for small holder farmers (fertilizers under Bulk Procurement System and those not included)

The ultimate aim of these efforts is to contribute towards having in place an enabling environment for the Agricultural Sector to thrive in the Southern Corridor of Tanzania, which will naturally have a positive ripple effect across the Agricultural Sector in Tanzania because any Policy Reform will not be geographic specific but rather the entire nation.

SAGCOT Centre is a Public Private Partnership established to catalyse inclusive and sustainable private sector led agricultural development in the Tanzania’s Southern Corridor. This Public Private Partnership represents Farmers and Farmers’ Organisations, Governments (Central and regional), the Tanzanian and Global Businesses, Development Partners, Foundations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The SAGCOT Initiative emphasizes increased collaboration between the public and private sectors through implementation of specific agreements or compacts amongst the parties.

The SAGCOT Centre Ltd acknowledges its development partners: the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, UK aid for the UK government, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the World Bank and the Royal Norwegian Embassy.


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