“By selling dairy products like milk to ASAS, I have been able to send my children to school. We have benefited from SAGCOT because I have been able to start to work on a poultry project too, as well as dairy.”

Theresia Michael Maganga,a farmer working in the dairy value chain

“I benefitted a great deal from the event. I had the opportunity to meet and converse with extremely important future partners. Bankers, catalyst funds, fertilizer suppliers and financiers were all in attendance: I was able to connect with many of them. I am already in contact with banks which are keen to partner with me in my project.”

Franklin Bagalla, General Manager, Tomoni Farms Ltd

“The trip was a real eye-opener for us on what SAGCOT has done and is doing in the Ihemi Cluster.”

Edward M. Sungula, Director of Policy and Planning, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment

“I would like to thank you for the support and coordination you have provided for the dairy industry in the Southern Highlands. Over the past 15 years we did not receive any support or collaboration but now, through SAGCOT, I can see a bright future ahead. You also did an amazing job with the dairy value chain coordination visit during the learning journey!”

Fuad Jaffer Abri, Director, ASAS Dairies

“Our shared goal – to create job and income opportunities for 2 million rural Tanzanians by 2030 – is ambitious, but momentum is with us”

Juliet Kairuki, former Executive Director,Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC)

“We invite responsible investors to invest in our region, provide employment, and help our smallholder farmers.”

Wamoja Ayoub,Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Iringa

“We believe the best chance of success is through value chain financing. The opportunity is enormous.”

Ineke  Bussemaker, CEO and Managing Director, National Microfinance Bank (NMB)

“It’s not worth building fertilizer usage alone unless there is a stronger value chain and market for smallholders. This is why a partnership approach is important.”

Oystein Botillen, Manager – Global Initiatives Development

“The fifth regime under the leadership of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, His Excellency Dr. John Joseph Pombe Magufuli, is gearing towards an industrialized economy. To achieve this, the government together with the Annual SAGCOT Partnership Forum have an opportunity to discuss the best available option that will ensure information on sustainable agriculture and value addition to crops reaches the farmers”

Hon. Dr. Charles Tizeba; Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

“Should farmers be trained on how to prepare seeds, all challenges related to seeds will be history”

Mrs. Amina Masenza; Iringa Regional Commissioner during the 2017 Annual SAGCOT Partnership Forum Learning Journey

“I have learnt a lot through this learning journey and I will make sure that I bring the knowledge to my region. I wish to congratulate SAGCOT and I ask them to increase opportunities like this one. I recall during the past Nane Nane 2016, the Prime Minister, Hon. Kassim Majaliwa, while officiating the closure advised me to involve SAGCOT in my region. I have seen their ability”

Hon. Zelothe Stephen Rukwa Regional Commissioner during the 2017 Annual SAGCOT Partnership Forum Learning Journey

“We signed a 4 year US$3,6 million grant agreement with the World Poultry Foundation. This locks in a strong rural marketing programme for us allowing us to reach farmers quicker than we had planned”.

Jack Bennie, Managing Director Silverlands

“YARA has been instrumental to the Norwegian society in improving agriculture. I am happy that they are in Tanzania”

H.E. Hanne M. Kaarstad, Norwegian Ambassador to Tanzania during the 2017 Annual SAGCOT Partnership Forum Learning Journey

“We thank SAGCOT because they are here to help our farmers, they agreed with all of their partners to add value on fruits and vegetables. They are here to promote Agricultural Technology.”

Amina Masenzia – Iringa’s Regional Commissioner during the Ihemi Office Inauguration

“We are proud to have been one of the development partners of the SAGCOT Centre and we remain committed to being a key partner of SAGCOT. It is important to recognise the progress that the SAGCOT Centre has made since its inception”

Adam Stefan, Private Sector Advisor USAID

“This is a huge project than we ever expected. I am fully supportive of the SAGCOT Initiative and as the African Union, we are very pleased with this Initiative”.

Dr. Janet Edeme – Africa Union Head of Rural Economy Division.

“We are the SAGCOT Partners, We are here to support farmers financially, and we give loans for farmers and sponsoring them to get loans at the banks”.

Nicomed Bohay – Managing Director, PASS.

“Agriculture cannot wait, food is very important and the value of food comes from what we feed into the crops. We at YARA come in with that representation that whatever goes into the soil has to be sustainable, has to build up the end product and the farmers have to get a better bargain by investing in their crops”

William Ng’eno YARA Commercial Manager Southern Zone

As a Minister responsible for Agriculture I am satisfied and commend on what SAGCOT is doing in the Southern Highlands agricultural corridor. SAGCOT’s plans are in line with what the ministry is advocating for in the drive to achieve food security.

Hon. Dr. Charles Tizeba; Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

Our agriculture has to change and even the way we feed has to change, it is no wonder that we can hear people saying that there is famine in Tanzania”.

Hon. Dr. Charles Tizeba; Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

The government has embarked on the journey to make Tanzania an industrial economy and partners still have a huge part to play in this journey. SAGCOT Partners in the Southern Corridor have been very instrumental in the development of agricultural sector as they send money directly to the fields.

Hon. Dr. Charles Tizeba; Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

Financial institutions are now positive toward lending to farmers with banks such as TADB, NMB and CRDB setting aside significant amounts of cash. NMB has set aside some Sh500 billion to finance agriculture at whatever value chain level that the farmer is, whereas CRDB has in the same vein set aside $270 million.

Hon. Dr. Charles Tizeba; Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries