Who We Are

The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor covers approximately one-third of mainland Tanzania. It extends north and south of the central rail, road and power ‘backbone’ that runs from Dar es Salaam to the northern areas of Zambia and Malawi.

The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (“SAGCOT”) is an established public private partnership, with an objective of transforming agriculture in Tanzania’s Southern corridor to enhance food security, and ensures improved livelihood for smallholder farmers and their communities in a sustainable manner. The mandate of the partnership is to achieve this by catalyzing responsible private sector led agriculture development.

Initiated at the World Economic Forum Africa summit in May 2010, our Investment Blueprint was launched nationally by Prime Minister Pinda in Dar es Salaam and internationally by H.E. President Kikwete at the 2011 World Economic Forum in Davos. The Investment Blueprint that was showcasing investment opportunities in the Corridor, also laid out a framework of institutions and activities required to reap the huge development potential.

We believe that we as SAGCOT Centre have the potential to make a serious and significant impact by bringing together government, business, donor partners and the farming community to pool resources and work together towards a common goal.

An agricultural transformation can be achieved if all stakeholders (including development partners, civil societies and farmers) work together to achieve shared goals. We, the SAGCOT Centre Ltd coordinate all activities implemented by various stakeholders, and offer guidance with regards to investments in specified areas – cum – clusters.

This to us, is a comprehensive and inclusive initiative. By addressing the entire agricultural value chain, our approach will go beyond raising agricultural productivity and ensure the necessary infrastructure, policy environment and access to knowledge to create and contribute to an efficient, well-functioning agricultural value chain.

We are all about doing things differently to make a real difference. This for us, is about business unusual.