A Tribute to Nancy Asman

Passing of SAGCOT Centre Partner Coordinator – Nancy Asman
September 10, 2018
Zimbabwe Land Commission visits SAGCOT Centre
September 30, 2018

Tribute to Nancy Asman

Today our dear colleague Nancy Asman will be laid to rest at 3 pm at Kunduchi Beach – Kondo cemetery in Dar es Salaam, following a 2 pm Church service at St Michael Kunduchi.

We at the SAGCOT Centre pay a special tribute to her:

Geoffrey Kirenga – SCL CEO

Bwana ametoa na aasa ametwaa! Kwa kweli imekuwa ghafla sana. Nimepokea salamu nyingi sana za pole kutoka kwa pattners tunaofanya nao kazi! Inaonesha kuwa alikuwa kwa namna yake ya kipekee kipenzi cha watu sio ndani ya ofisi tuu bali hata kwenye jamii tunayoihudumia! Tulimpenda Nancy lakini amependwa na Mwenyezi Mungu zaidi ya sisi tulivyompenda. RIP Nancy!

 Lilian Lugola

On Saturday 19th May this year, when we were in Njombe for strategic meetings, after the workshops, Nancy and I decided to catch up and watch the live broadcast of the Royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We spoke about a lot of things; in our discussion, I shared my love for cooking. Nancy shared some ideas of different cuisines on Pinterest which I never knew before. Thanks to Nancy I now have a lot of inspiration for my cooking.   I would like to remember her as my kitchen hero.

Jillian Byalugaba

Nancy, Adam and I are the only 3 employees who would arrive at the office around 6:45 – 7:00 am every work day. We used to call each other TEAM SAA MOJA.  Nancy was very punctual.  I don’t remember her every arriving late. I will surely miss her.

 Ferdinand Mgaya

Nancy and I have known each other since 2000, from Sokoine University where we both studied. It was a pleasant reunion at SCL; I realized then that you were still the same Nancy I knew from University.

You always sent me encouragement, prayers and words of inspiration on WhatsApp especially when you knew I needed the support. I can’t thank you enough.  I will really miss you. Nancy you were real, and such an honest soul, may the Almighty rest your soul at peace.

Neema Lugangira

My colleague, my friend; Nancy Asman, since yesterday morning, I have been trying to get my head around this and it’s unbelievable.

We, at SAGCOT have lost a true gem; a colleague, a friend who always kept it real

I keep playing back to the moment we shared Friday late evening when you came to our office to say bye, the conversation we had, the laughs, as you headed out of the building; dah just to think that very same night you went to sleep and you were gone just like that. Poleni sana family, friends and colleagues kwa msiba huu mzito. RIP Nancy Asman.

Patrick Wamukulu

Nancy Asman was a great colleague with a beautiful soul; so knowledgeable, open-minded, focused and caring.

Learning of her death on social media struck me really hard. It is truly sad to know that we will not have another chat on this side of heaven. But I am comforted in the promise of our Lord and Saviour that we will meet again, in the joyful and more blissful by and by.

I remember our chat early this year when I started my new role of Programme Quality and compliance manager at SAGCOT Centre, you indicated to me that from your past experience colleagues had to either comply or complain to the person in my position. This sounded so hilarious, but has been such a great principle which I believe in and will always remember you for. May God give us the wisdom to honour you through our actions and may he also comfort your loved ones at such a trying moment. Rest in Peace Sister.

John Nakei

My tears will never end from this loss. Nancy loved the agricultural sector, with her forestry background; she was keen to make the linkages. This initiative has been suddenly stopped over night on 7th September -my birthday. It was God’s plan. Rest in peace, Nancy.

Philip Kakande

Words cannot describe what I am feeling. She was the last person I spoke to in office on Wednesday before I left.  I give my condolences to the entire family. God rest her soul.

Obel Samwel

Mungu amlaze mahali pema kwenye enzi yake, utukufu hadi utukufu

Herman Sanka

Jana nifanya naye jokes sana pale ofisini, I just can’t believe, tumwachie Mungu wake anaye sababu na makusudi Naye ,na anavuna kwa Wakati wake, sisi kibinadamu inauma sana,lakina hatuna namna. Tupokekee msiba huu mzito kwa moyo mkuu.

Maria Ijumba

I am heartbroken! Jamani hajatuaga, hatujamuuguza, ohh its tragic. RIP Nancy


  1. Victor Omamo says:

    I was in the common room one morning a few weeks back making a cup of tea when Nancy walked in asking “Victor what have you carried”? So we shared dough nuts and chatted specifically about how Sage could help her in her work. We agreed to meet later the same day so that I could take her through some of the stuff I was explaining. Later she would pass by the finance office to apologize that she was held up and wanted us to reschedule. We never had the chance. You’ve left too suddenly Nancy, but my memory of you is a happy one….a beautiful one. I thank THE LORD for the privilege of getting to know you.

  2. Mwanzo Lawrence Millinga says:

    OMG! What a shock? Gone too soon. R.I.P Nancy.

  3. Michael Paul says:

    I express my sympathy for the sudden loss of Nancy Asman.
    She was very welcoming, caring and hard working.
    Nancy will dearly be missed, May Her Soul Rest in Eternal Peace. 😭

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