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March 8, 2019
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April 15, 2019

Khadija Ismail, SAGCOT Office Attendant

March is #Women’sMonth, we are still celebrating and thanking extraordinary women who work at SAGCOT Centre Ltd and those supported by the organisation. Today we are highlighting Khadija Ismail.

Meet Khadija
Khadija is a soft spoken individual who always wears a warm smile throughout the day. She works ‘behind the scenes’ at SAGCOT Centre Ltd as office attendant, she ensures the smooth running of the office. When she is not maintaining the overall hygiene of the office, she divides her time between organizing catering activities, undertaking kitchen responsibilities including managing kitchen stock, ushering guests – making them feel welcome and comfortable and helping people with any issues that arise in the office. Most of the time Khadija is the first person in the office ensuring everything is in order.

Why did you decide to work for SAGCOT
I love what I do. I was working with a cleaning company and was assigned to provide assistance to SAGCOT Centre Ltd. Almost every person treated me with kindness and they were very friendly. The working atmosphere was positive, just what I was looking for, so I decided to make a move and started working with them full time. I am motivated because I am given various opportunities to work beyond what I am supposed to generally do like helping with filing.

What do you love most about working with SAGCOT
What I love the most here is that people are caring and they show team work, and that’s what motivates me. I am not being taken advantage of, I feel equal to everyone else.

What her colleagues say about her 

Since I joined the SAGCOT Centre, I have always considered Khadija to be an integral part of the Centre. To my greatest surprise when I was told that she was actually from TPSF. I remember how we had to “strategize” to make her an official part of this family. Khadija is the smiling face I see in the morning and she makes me feel like the “big sister” I am to her. Much love and blessing to her sweet heart! – Kadji Diop, Chief Operating Officer

My words can never be enough to praise or appreciate the dedication and love Khadija gives her work right from the day I stepped into the Centre in May 2015 to date. It doesn’t matter if you understand Swahili or not but you will always feel welcome with her warm smile. She is consistent and always goes an extra mile just to make sure she keeps everyone happy. For this I want to celebrate you Khadija and encourage you to keep it up. – Patrick Wamukulu, Programme Quality and Assurance Manager 

I admire Khadija because she is courageous and brave. The attends everyone both staff and the guests who visit the office with respect and a warm smile. I would like to encourage her to keep up the good work and continue to smile-Emmanuely Lyimo, Cluster Manager, Ihemi



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