“What a successful journey it was. Thank you, Geoffrey and your entire staff at SCL for arranging and giving me the opportunity to visit your partners in Iringa region. I am very impressed by how close the Government and Private sector is, from the regional level to the community level. Well done SAGCOT.”

“I am truly impressed with the work of the SAGCOT Centre Limited and its partners. I very much feel the sense of responsibility we now hold for scaling up and extending this success. I became aware, not only of your achievements and the further potential that lies in the SAGCOT approach but also the challenges Tanzania faces in gearing up for success in Agri-business, as a central element of ‘industrialization’. So this has been highly illuminating for me. We fought hard to get SAGCOT approved and we will continue to champion you in the future. And look at how we can use other levers to reinforce what you are already achieving.”

“The work of the Centre has given us an excellent insight into the breadth, diversity and potential of the SAGCOT Partners. It was striking to see all of the SAGCOT Partners we met were determined to ensure they gave back to their surrounding communities, by creating income-generating opportunities (jobs), facilitating access to markets by smallholder farmers, and supporting the livelihoods of their immediate neighbours through the establishment of training programmes and clinics e.t.c. It is now abundantly clear that SAGCOT Centre now commands respect, which is due in no small part to the calm, intelligent and inclusive approach which has been pursued in the corridor, from the outset. Please keep up the excellent work that you and the entire team at the SAGCOT Centre are doing. There is no question we were impressed by what we saw, and look forward to strengthening the SAGCOT partnership in the coming months and years.”

“My visit to the SAGCOT Ihemi Cluster during the Annual Forum gave me priceless exposure. I got an opportunity to meet with fellow SAGCOT Centre partners within the partnership including the banks, The SAGCOT Catalytic fund, fertilizer suppliers and the different financiers in attendance. I came to appreciate the value of partnerships and how central it can be for smallholder farmers like myself. I am now   in contact with banks which are keen to partner with me in my project.”
“We have now demonstrated the public and private sectors, non-state actors and development partners, can work together in an innovative way and successfully promote and execute inclusive and responsible investments in agriculture”
“As a Minister responsible for Agriculture; I am satisfied and commend what SAGCOT is doing in the Southern Highlands agricultural corridor. SAGCOT’s plans are in line with what the ministry is advocating for in the drive to achieve food security. The “SAGCOT way” will really be handy in the implementation of the ASDP II.”
“The success of these partnerships that SAGCOT Centre supports, and the smallholders and allied businesses along the priority value chains in the Clusters, are mutually dependent. We, therefore, invite responsible investors to invest in our region, provide employment, and help our smallholder farmers.”
“On behalf of the Tanzania Smallholder Tea Development Agency (TSHTDA), I congratulate Mr Kirenga for organizing such a historical trip. This learning journey has broadened the awareness and understanding of, not only Members of Parliament but Tanzanians as a whole, on the realities of tea crop development in the country. This is particularly so, with regard to the private-public partnerships at the Njombe Project.   Thank you!”