The implementation of partner activities is carried out in “clusters”; geographic concentrations of interrelated value farmers, agribusiness, service providers that potentially share similar support services (i.e. infrastructure transport, warehousing and extension services). A cluster approach supports individual actors to create economies of scale and enhance impact.
Partners are bound by a common vision, culture and belief in the long-term goal of collaboration to further agricultural development in Tanzania. This provides the critical glue needed for successful collaboration among such a range of diverse institutions. The common culture that binds the SAGCOT partnership extends to an agreed code of conduct and set of Partnership Principles to which all partners are required to commit.
By 2030 SAGCOT partners seek to bring 350,000 hectares of land into profitable production, help 100,000 small-scale farmers transition into commercial farming, give 420,000 formidable emploayment, lift 2 million people out of poverty, and generate $1.2 billion in annual farming revenue.
To be able to achieve this, every SAGCOT Partner is committed to engaging smallholder farmers and ensuring environmental sustainability through their activities; partnering with others to promote a harmonized approach and improve synergies; maintaining engagement, communication, and support for the SAGCOT Centre, contributing to the resolution of policy and infrastructure constraints; and considering new and innovative financing mechanisms.
SAGCOT offers many benefits to partners – most significantly, the opportunity to make a real change to Tanzania’s agricultural development and be part of a unique, game-changing initiative

The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) is a public-private partnership that seeks to catalyze responsible agribusiness investments in the country’s southern corridor. The SAGCOT Center Ltd. serves as a partnership broker and information hub among SAGCOT partners to facilitate socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable value chain investments.

SAGCOT is made up of registered partner organizations from across government agencies, private sector companies, development partner organizations, research institutions, foundations, civil society and farmer associations. SAGCOT partners have a breadth of expertise across the entire agricultural value chain, and bring a wealth of experiences in research, technology, finance, and business.

Each partner commits to a set of principles of sustainable and inclusive agriculture investment, resource mobilsation and innovative finance mobilsation so as to jointly address bottlenecks in order to create synergies and leverage private sector investments.