SAGCOT Centre Ltd (SCL) has developed the Whistleblowing Policy to demonstrate its commitment to open and accountable management. This policy is designed to allow staff or any other stake holders within SCL to disclose information that they believe shows malpractice, unethical conduct or illegal practices in the workplace, without being penalized in any way.
The main objective of the SCL’s whistle-blowing policy is to help SCL exercise its duty of trust to protect its resources and employees from behaviors that do not adhere to its values and employee Code of Conduct.
By blowing the whistle on misconduct in an organization, one alerts the organization to the fact that its stakeholders are being put at risk or have been, or are being, harmed.
The policy encourages all employees and its stakeholders to disclose in good faith, that is, without malice, any genuine suspicion they have of serious malpractice taking place within SAGCOT involving SCL’s employees, consultants, volunteers, interns or organisations with which its contracts that may adversely impact the SCL, the SCLs’ Partners, employees, development partners, or the public at large.
Individuals wishing to protect their identity may report any concern anonymously. Reports can be made anonymously via the following contacts