From Bonn on a Mission to Explore the Future of Rural Africa

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August 11, 2018
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September 3, 2018

Detlef Mueller-Mahn and his team from Bonn University, Germany, University of Dar es Salaam and Mzumbe University in Tanzania,  paid the SAGCOT Centre Ltd CEO, Geoffrey Kirenga, a courtesy visit.

The team of academics and PhD students is part of a newly launched research project “Future Rural Africa” which explores the “ideas of the future which are envisioned and translated into plans, policies, and spatial transformations,” as stated on the project website. The project is financed by the German government.

The research team is constituted of 24 principal investigators and 40 -50 partners in Africa across three countries of Tanzania, Kenya, and Namibia from various academic disciplines ranging from geography, anthropology, ecology, virology, agronomy to political science who will run 14 individual projects.

Five projects will be focused in Tanzania in the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor. One of the projects in Tanzania is the Agro Futures project.

“Agro Futures is a project lead by three Tanzanian and three German colleagues on agronomy.” Detlef, the head of the project explained.

The team working on this specific project will research areas such as crop yields and yield improvement, water use and management and human interaction.

“Part of this project will be a large scale quantitative survey in partnership with local partners. Which we hope to repeat, to monitor the social economic level over time.” Detlef points out.

Kirenga further took the opportunity to give the researches some background of the inception of the SAGCOT Initiative and its operations over the past five years emphasizing,”you don’t want to develop islands of prosperity in seas of poverty. That’s why we ensure farmer organisations and agribusinesses work hand in hand to build dependent and long lasting business relationships.”


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