Green Reference Group Members

Co-chair government Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Vice President’s Office Vice President’s Office
Co-chair private sector Agribusiness (large or medium) Kilombero Plantation Ltd (KPL)
Private Sector, agribusiness CEO Agribusiness (small green growth champion) CEO Roundtable
Private Sector, non-agribusiness Non-Agribusiness company, selected from membership amongst CEO Roundtable and/or TPSF membership JAIN Irrigation
Government – Ministries/Agencies Permanent Secretary Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Permanent Secretary Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism
Permanent Secretary Ministry of  Lands, Housing and Human Settlements
Permanent Secretary Ministry of  Minerals
Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture,
Director General RUBADA Rufiji Basin Development Authority (RUBADA)
Research Institution Director Africa, CIAT. Regional Research Institute on
International Centre for Tropical
Agriculture (CIAT)
Lead of the Development Partner Environmental Group DPG-E Secretariat United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
DPG-E Secretariat The World Bank
None State Actor Tanzanian CEO of a Non State Actor on Environmental IUCN
Tanzanian CEO of a Non State Actor on Vulnerable Groups i.e. Gender CARE International
Tanzanian CEO of a Non State Actor on Land MVIWATA
Financial Institutions Financial Organisations CRDB Bank Ltd
Financial Organisations Private Agriculture Sector Support (PASS)
Global institution Senior representative of a leading global institution World Economic Forum (WEF)
Technical Support Environmental/Social organisations Vital Signs
The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
Technical Support Social Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT)
Secretariat Environmental & Social officer of the SAGCOT Centre Ltd SAGCOT Centre Ltd