Grievance Redress Mechanism

About this platform

The SAGCOT Grievance Redress Mechanism (SGRM) is a web application system which allows the submissions of SAGCOT Centre Ltd (SCL) stakeholder grievances; from anywhere in the world at any time.

Once received, complaints will be forwarded to the respective departments for vetting and action for speedy and favourable redress. Each grievance lodged is tracked with a unique auto-generated number to ensure all concerns are tracked and addressed accordingly. And further evaluates the SCL turnaround time in conclusively mitigating and resolving the causes of your grievances.

Issues not taken up for redress

  • Political matters
  • Subjudice cases or any matter concerning a court judgment
  • Personal and family disputes
  • Any matter which contravenes the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania
  • General suggestions


Feedback: Your valuable feedback on the quality of grievance resolution will help us improve our services. Please note; all grievances shall be subject to the rules and procedures stipulated in the SGRM Flow Chart

Note: If you have not received satisfactory redress of your grievance(s) within a reasonable period of time, as per the SGRM Flow Chart , you may directly contact SCL on +255 (0) 22 2 60 10 24/46.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the Frequently Asked Questions on the SAGCOT Centre Ltd (SCL) Grievance Redress Mechanism (SGRM).

What are the contact details of SAGCOT Centre Ltd (SCL) for tabling my grievance and where do I send my grievance?

Your grievance can be sent through:

  • the SGRM platform embed on the SCL website (;
  • email:;
  • phone call to: +255 (0) 22 2 60 10 24/46;
  • suggestion/complaint box at all SCL offices across Tanzania; or
  • a formal letter or postcard addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operation Officer at SAGCOT Centre Ltd. 5th Floor, Ikon Building Plot Numbers 153, Bains Avenue, Masaki P.O. Box 11313 | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Office.

How do I lodge my grievance?

Your grievance can be lodged online under the SGRM Platform embed on the SCL website, through email, or phone call, or suggestion/complaint box.  In cases where internet access is not available, the complainant is free to send her/his grievance by post. The grievance may be written on any plain sheet of paper or on a Postcard / Inland letter and addressed to the chief executive officer and the chief operations officer.

What happens when I lodge the grievance?

Your grievance is acknowledged online through email or by post. A unique registration number is provided to track your grievance. The process is described in the SGRM Flow Chart

How do I track my grievance?

Your grievance may be tracked on the SGRM platform portal by clicking the “view status” button, using your unique Grievance Reference Number.

What happens to the grievances? How are the grievances dealt with once they are sent to SAGCOT Centre?

Please refer to the SGRM Flow Chart

Can a resolved grievance be re-opened for further correspondence on it? 

No. In this situation, the complainant will have to lodge a new grievance drawing reference to the closed one, stipulating the unique generated number of the closed grievance, and call for details. Sometimes, the details are sent by post and mentioned in the final report. If the complainant lodged a complaint by post, one would need to wait for the postal delivery of the previously lodged and concluded grievance, before lodging a new grievance.

What are the types of grievances which are not taken up for redress by the SAGCOT Centre Ltd (SCL)?

The following are issues not taken up for redress by the SAGOT Centre Ltd:

  • political matters;
  • subjudice cases or any matter concerning a court judgment;
  • personal and family disputes;
  • matters which contravene the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania;
  • matters which impact the territorial integrity of the United Republic of Tanzania or its friendly relations with other countries; and
  • general suggestions.

How long does it take to redress a grievance(s)?

6 weeks. In case of delay, an interim reply with reasons will be provided.

What action can I take if my grievance(s) is not redressed within the prescribed time?

If you have not received a satisfactory redress of your grievance(s) within a reasonable period of time, as per the SGRM Flow Chart,

you may directly call SCL on +255 (0) 22 2 60 10 24/46