How to become a SAGCOT Partner

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July 30, 2018
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August 2, 2018

How to become a SAGCOT Partner


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This brochure offers you basic information on what you will need to become a SAGCOT Partner to help us realise the dream of the SAGCOT Initiative.


  1. i am interested to become one of your partner.

    I am representing ACLA HONEY ENTERPRISES LTD, we are dealing with trading of ware potatoes from Njombe and retailing in Dar es salaam local market (Mabibo).
    We have signed purchasing agreement with Njombe Agricultural Development Organization (NADO) for purchasing potatoes produced by the groups of small holders farmers under their organization.
    We have already done business with LUSITU,we have not yet sign an agreement with them.
    In the coming potato season we are expecting to start trading with small holder farmers located in Rungwe district.

    Our vision is to invest in a processing unit/cold storage unit to reduce post harvest loss in the potato value chain.
    We are also planning to invest in commercial farming of Avocado,we are in the earlier stage of sourcing the land.
    Partnering with SAGCOT will help us to realize our vision.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Claudia, for contacting us, and for sharing your story with us, an email will be sent to you shortly to guide you on how to become a SAGCOT partner.

  2. We are an Ict company engaged in development of various solutions to help farmers to become profitable we interested to become a partner with SAGCOT so that we can create a positive impact to the agriculture sector.
    One of our solution is enable farmers to verify the agricultural inputs using their phone before they buy them to avoid buying unregistered or counterfeit products

    • admin says:

      Dear Clemence, thank you for your correspondence and sharing the important work you do. Our communication department has sent you an email on how to go about the process of becoming a SAGCOT Partner.

  3. JAMES Nyolobi says:

    Hereby representing ESSAMY (T) LTD, a group of entrepreneurs who partnered to provide solutions on market and training facilities for Kilombero small and medium farmers. Since 2016 we have been working with Mchombe, Mdibule and Mpande farmers (paddy and rice) to providing best market prices. Our mission is to becoming the best catalyst in production and sales for the market we save. however, storage warehouses and best milling plants are challenges for them that force to sell their product soon as they harvest, that which, we as ESSAMY have decided to construct and install the milling plants, providing service throughout year and fortunately the area we have already, and raising fund for the project.
    Our vision to do with in the rice sector is to add value for rice products and bring about market connectivity in the area by having true investment of machines and mechanization system, which basically the initial process have started.
    by partnering with SAGCOT will give us more confidence and more technical acquisition which will be transferred the same to our key holders. so asking you to accept and realize our vision.

    • admin says:

      Dear James, thank you for sharing your vision and the great work you are doing. SAGCOT Centre’s role is primarily to bring together partners from the public and private sector together to grow agricultural value chains. We as a Centre do not fund organisations. However, our sister organisation in the SAGCOT Initiative, the SAGCOT Catalytic Trust fund does offer funding opportunities. The window has just closed for the first round application for the Matching Grant Fund, but there will be a second round of applications open in February 2018. For more information on the Matching Grant Fund, please visit With regards to your interest in becoming a SAGCOT Partner, our team has communicated the particulars on email.

  4. SALVATORY Elipidius says:

    Southern zone Farmers Empowerment Organization (SFEO):

    SFEO is the local non-governmental organization based in southern highland regions of Tanzania with it’s headquarter in Iringa town. It was founded as the membership organization not for profit under NGO act of 2002, with registration number 00NGO/00009792.
    SFEO was founded by the group of social scientists, planners, agronomists and entrepreneurs, who have been groomed by the needs of the disadvantaged peasants founded in the region. The organization aim to equip disadvantages peasants with the new agricultural practice and technology, in order to eradicate poverty and improving the quality of life.
    Currently the organization is operating the programs based on registered constitution, three years strategic plan, annual action plan and demand driven programs in order to achieve its objectives hence accomplish its vision and mission.
    What we do
    Our focus is to empower, equip, promote and advance the interests of Tanzania peasants to achieve advantages of their agricultural activities, especially the Farmers in the rural areas, subsequently increasing food security and mitigating the issues of poverty and hunger in the country. Southern zone Farmers Empowerment Organization has a national focus to its implementation and work in Tanzania. The ultimate desire is to affect and touch communities in all Tanzania through innovative, practical and sustainable developmental strategies. SFEO therefore endeavors to empower Farmers through expanding their knowledge base through the dissemination of information by means of workshop training at the Village level or at arranged venues. Our work contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted by 2030 directly or indirectly working to achieve them, especially that to eradicating extreme poverty and hunger (goal number 1&2).


    a) To reduce community poverty by improving and increasing Agricultural production and Strengthening national capacity on poverty eradication

    b) To ensure food security through technical support to farmers, public education for prevention and eradication of crop and livestock pests and diseases, and promotion of alternative food crops.

    c) To improve market access for increased incomes through Integration of small scale farmers into high value markets to take full advantage of southern corridor trade dynamics

    d) To accomplish sustainable development goals like poverty reduction, combating hunger, good-health and well-being, quality education, clean water and sanitation

    e) Strengthening resilience to natural and man-made threats and crises, such as climate change impacts; and unsustainable management of natural resources

    f) To promote the use of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), focusing on value chain development of selected sub-sectors (including livestock, crops, forestry and aquaculture) and giving due attention to decent rural employment criteria for rural youth and women peasants

    We are Kindly requesting partnering with Sagcot

    • admin says:

      Dear Salvatory, thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a SAGCOT Centre. An email has been sent to you with the particulars of the process.

  5. Joseph Kajiba says:

    We are an HOPEFUL DREAMS (HD) INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED, We do Agriculture, and providing education to the Farmers, We are interested to become a partner with SAGCOT so that we can create a positive impact to the agriculture sector.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your message Joseph. It is great to hear about the work you are doing. We have sent you an email with more information on the partnership process.

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