Nane Nane 2018 – An Agricultural Extravaganza

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August 20, 2018
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September 4, 2018

Permanent Secretary, Tanzania Ministry of Agriculture, Eng Mathew Mtigumwe and Dutch Ambassador to Tanzania, His Excellency Jereon Verheul show the signed MoU

Farming has been part and parcel of what makes Tanzania great in the East African region. The 2018 edition of the Nane Nane fair was something set straight for the history books, a beginning of a powerful agricultural revolution in the SAGCOT Corridor with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the governments of Tanzania and The Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Children visiting the SAGCOT Pavilion at the Nane Nane Fair in Mbeya, 2018

Nane Nane, the Farmer’s fair, is a weeklong celebration of agriculture across Tanzania. These celebrations are held in various regions across the country. The 2018 celebrations in Tanzania’s city of Mbeya was where the SAGCOT Centre Ltd set up a pavilion with 30 partners; from the private, non-state actors and farmers on the grounds. Tanzania Government agencies also pitched a pavilion next to the SAGCOT pavilion providing a one-stop centre for nearly all government services for the agricultural sector.

Thousands of Mbeya residents and farmers from across the Southern Highlands visited the John Mwakangale Nane Nane grounds, some seeking entertainment, others intrigued by agriculture and some out of pure curiosity. SAGCOT Centre Ltd supported farmers from various agricultural sectors to be part of the fair in 2018.

John Ndak, a Soya farmer from Songea was amazed by what he was able to learn.

“If it wasn’t for Nane Nane, I wouldn’t have known about Soya milk, I only knew soya meal used for animal feeds. I met companies who produce high-quality seeds which I can now trust and use,” he enthused.

Tanzania Agrofood Processor had set up a tent with a live demonstration of the production and free sampling of soya milk throughout the week of the fair. It was here that Ndak found himself getting hands-on training on potential value addition on the crop he cultivates.

SAGCOT Partner SEEDCO educating farmers on seeds at the Nane Nane grounds in Mbeya,2018

Smallholder farmers were fortunate to engage with various SAGCOT Partners ranging from the private sector to the civil society organisations and the government agencies. SAGCOT Centre also organized workshops through the celebrations with partners sharing various insights on their products such as hybrid seed, crop insurance, soil health and introducing new crops such as Sunflower.

Beno Mgaya, a potato farmer from Njombe also took advantage of the close proximity of government agencies to follow up on pending certification his farmer’s association has been seeking to finalise the certification of their pack house and packaging material in Njombe. He also went a step further to see what else the potato market had to offer.

“I am glad I could visit other exhibitors and see what new potato seedlings exist in the market and the new pesticides I can use through the workshops at Nane Nane. With the knowledge I have acquired here I can share it with my fellow farmers back in Njombe.” Mgaya stated.

NIC – A SAGCOT partner conducting a workshop with farmers on crop insurance at Nane Nane, 2018

As the celebrations continued on the ground, SAGCOT Centre Ltd was fortunate to spend time with the Dutch Ambassador, His Excellency Jereon Veheul who visited various projects supported by the Kingdom of Netherlands across the Mbeya Region.

On 8 August 2018, the celebrations hit a crescendo with the signing of the MoU between the governments of The Netherlands and Tanzania represented by the His Excellency Verheul and the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Eng Mathew Mtigumwe respectively. This signing marks the culmination of a three-year process of negotiations between the two countries facilitated by SAGCOT Centre in partnership with Dutch Embassy in Tanzania, Ministry of Agriculture and the Prime Minister’s Office. This Agreement will develop the potato sector in Tanzania through a private and public partnership between public and private sectors in both nations.


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