Nane Nane: Fun, Learning & Celebrating Farmers

Cluster Review Meeting
July 6, 2017
The Potato Revolution begins with the new Potato Centre of Excellence in Mbeya
October 13, 2017

It was seven days, of fun, learning and celebration at the John Mwakangale Stadium in Mbeya from 1st to 8th August 2017. The SAGCOT Centre Ltd. (SCL) and partners, residents of Mbeya, were treated to a phenomenal array of agricultural products from crops to livestock and fisheries at the Nane Nane celebration; an annual celebration of the contribution of farmers to the Tanzanian economy.

 The square was filled to capacity with SCL partners and exhibitors from NOSC, Kilimo Trust, Rafael Group Ltd, PANNAR, PASS, Potato Partnership (AGRA, Mtanga and SAGCOT), Mtenda Kyela Rice Ltd, Seed-Co, UAP Insurance, NAFAKA, Silverlands, Minjingu Fertilizers, Ihemi Cluster, Akiba Commercial Bank, Bayer, TPSF, Ihemi Green Reference Group (IGRG), ASA, Monsanto, ASAS and Alternative Products Development Processes (APDP) and smallholder farmers.

10,000 people were entertained, educated and exposed to some of the best agricultural practices to inspire the next generation of agriprenuers. Local government leadership from five regions neighbouring Mbeya were present. The ceremony culminated with words from Hon George Simbachewene, the member of parliament of Kibakwe constituency.

In his closing remarks, Hon Simbachewene recognised and lauded the SCL CEO Geoffrey Kirenga and the Centre for its promotion and support of investments in the Southern Corridor, which has transformed and is steadily building a strong agro-economy geared towards transforming the country into a middle-income economy.

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