Fred Msemwa

Fred Msemwa

Board Member


Dr. Msemwa is a seasoned executive in areas of real estate, banking, energy and water regulation, fund management, media, education, tourism, petroleum and gas, finance, with 12 years in top management positions and 8 years as Chief Executive Officer. He is a certified Board Director and possesses 4 years’ working experience as Bank Director including CRDB Bank.

This newly appointed member of the SAGCOT Board of Directors currently also serves in several capacities;

• Board Member – CRDB Bank
• Board Member - DAWASA
• Board Member - BRELA
• Board Chairman – CRDB DR Congo

Before that, he also served as President of Tanzania Association of Accountants (2015 – 2019), Board Member for TIB Corporate Bank (2017- 2018) and Board Member for the National Board of Accountants and Auditors - NBAA (2018 – 2020), and currently also carries out a volunteering role as a Trustee of the Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YEDP). 


Dr. Msemwa acquired his Advanced Diploma in Accountancy from the Institute of Finance and Management (IFM) and received his CPA in 1997 from the national Board of Accountants and Auditors then later joined Birmingham City University where he pursued a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with distinction and thereafter he went on to undertake a doctorate (PhD) in Business Administration – Audit from the Open University of Tanzania.
He also took up several short courses from world renowned prestigious universities and institutions such as International Trade Centre – Geneva for which he acquired a certificate in Business Competitiveness and later on joined University of Florida (USA) to pursue a course on Utility Regulation then later on attended the Institute of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in USA for a certificate in Public Sector Management and financing of PPP projects, followed by University of Cape Town, SA/Wharton School of Management (USA) whereby he acquired a certificate in Housing Finance, among other short courses.


Dr. Msemwa has been responsible for several relevant papers and publications including but not limited to;
• Reputational Risk Management and Business Continuity in UK Banks (discussion paper presented to MBA Enterprise Group, Birmingham City University, UK, 2002.
• ‘Reducing Red Tape and Regulatory Compliance Costs’, The Professional Accountant Journal, January – June, 2007.
• ‘Tax Bodies Should Learn to Deal with taxpayers’; Business Times Article; 3rd June, 2001.
• The Paradox of Information Technology (IT) investments, the Professional Accountant Journal, July – December 2003.
• Can Tourism Benefit the Poor? Business Times, 27th October 2007.

He also authored a book titled: Usimamizi wa Biashara na Fedha”, 2013 and possesses two awards of Excellence including the 2002 Top MBA Student Award from Birmingham City University whereby he acquired an MBA with Distinction (Finance).

Dr. Msemwa has exceptional skills that could help SCL move to the next level. He is eloquent and a visionary, able to continue adding his contribution in optimizing various funding options available for implementation of the SAGCOT Initiative.