The SAGCOT Partnership is made up of the Government of Tanzania (GoT), Private Sector, Development Partners, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and farmer apex organizations. SAGCOT Centre LTD supports its partners in developing inclusive value chains. Most partners join the Partnership as general partners to share information and explore partnership opportunities for investments and interventions in the corridor. Partners in the priority clusters and strategic partnership form alliances to resolve value chain issues and unlock investment specific bottlenecks.

SAGCOT offers many benefits to partners – most significantly, the opportunity to make a real change to Tanzania’s agricultural development and be part of a unique, game-changing initiative


If you are an existing investor, we:

Provide a platform for inclusive and green investments,

Expand investment opportunities, networks and knowledge of best practices; and

Highlight key policy bottlenecks to Tanzanian government and relevant institutions.

If you are a Farmers’ Organization, we:

Increase linkages to commercial value chains and market opportunities for members,

Facilitate projects whereby farmers can improve access to higher quality inputs, technology, and agricultural practices; and

Contribute to improving the incomes and livelihoods of members.

If you are a new or potential investor, we:

Offer information and access to knowledge,

Identify new investment opportunities and partners; and

Introduce you to relevant government authorities.

If you are a Development Partner or Civil Society Organization, we:

Scale your impact by linking activities to a critical mass of projects that are inclusive and sustainable,

Provide access to an effective and efficient model of agricultural development through alignment with private investments; and

Offer the opportunity to champion key policy issues relevant to transforming agriculture.


Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Participate in various SAGCOT partnership forums, events and workshops to share experiences and best practices;
Widen your network through 120 SCL private partners and ministries, departments and agencies as well as NGOs;

Access to strategic information and investment opportunities;

Access to strengthened capacity for sustainable investment and development through Green Reference Group (GRG) and the Inclusive Green growth (IGG) Tool;
Access to strengthened capacity for sustainable investment and development through Green Reference Group (GRG) and the Inclusive Green growth (IGG) Tool;

Platform to discuss opportunities and challenges with peers; and

Testing your ideas and remaining current on critical issues relating to agriculture.

Project and Advocacy Opportunities

Connect with other potential partners and collaborate on investment ideas and project design;
Join meetings, missions and workshops to explore investment and project opportunities; and
Contribute to advocacy on value chain-specific and individual partner – specific bottlenecks and more general policy issues.

In addition, the SAGCOT Centre Limited identifies strategic partnerships that:

Seek end-to-end value chain solutions and investments,

Convene a coalition of partners to leverage synergies,

Offer the opportunity to be scaled or replicated to maximize impact,

Provide transformative results to farmers for food security and improved livelihoods, and;

Demonstrate positive environmental impact.

Partnership Principles

Every SAGCOT Partner is committed to..
Engaging smallholder farmers and ensuring environmental sustainability through their activities
Partnering with others to promote a harmonized approach and improve synergies, maintaining engagement, communication, and support for the SAGCOT Centre Ltd
Contributing to the resolution of policy and infrastructure constraints;
Considering new and innovative financing mechanisms

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