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Success Stories

Njombe Milk Factory – transforming subsistence Dairy Farming

Njombe Milk Factory is, as the name suggests, a Njombe based producer of dairy products including fresh and cultured milk, cheese, yoghurt, processing about 7,000 liters of milk per day. Njombe Milk Factory is a very active member of the SAGCOT Dairy strategic partnership in Ihemi Cluster

Tamu Tamu Tanzania Limited

Tamu Tamu Tanzania is an Iringa based SAGCOT partner producing organic apples and strawberries for the local market. The company owns a 100 acres farm in Ifunda village out of which 30 acres are currently producing apples and strawberries. 

GBRI – making a huge contribution to the horticulture value chain

Founded by Hadija Jabir, a rising star in the Tanzanian horticulture sector, GBRI Solution Co. Ltd rose from humble beginnings as a supplier of fresh produce such as tomatoes, green peppers and green beans to hotels and restaurants in Iringa, Morogoro and Dar es Salaam through its flagship EatFresh brand.

Olivado Succes Story

Olivado Tanzania (EPZ) Ltd, a newly signed SAGCOT partner is on course to transform the avocado value chain. The company has built a 2.5 million modern avocado oil production facility from scratch on a 30-acre piece of land at Itulahumba village, Wanging’ombe district in Njombe region producing avocado oil from non-export grade avocados

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