The Policy Work Stream is responsible for bridging the gap between the two Ps in the SAGCOT Partnership, that is, Public Sector and Private Sector, and most importantly the Public Sector Stakeholder Relationship Management lies with this department. All issues related to Policy and Legislation are channelled through the Policy Department and the staff play the role of Policy Analysis, Advocacy and Strategic Policy Partnerships establishment. The primary objective of the Department is to bring priority policy reforms emerging from strategic private sector partnerships to the attention of the Government, leveraging relevant knowledge, experience and a stable relationship with strategic policy partners to collectively advocate for reform, tracking reforms implementation as well as contribute towards an increased compliance amongst SAGCOT private sector partners. The Policy Department also works towards strengthening the alignment between the two ‘P’s, that is, Public and Private sectors.

The Policy Team supports Strategic Policy Partners who come from the state and Non-State Actors who are concerned with and affected by policy making processes and policy implementation at the national and regional levels. On one hand the Strategic Policy Partners include ministries and public sector agencies (including regulators), Regional Secretariats and Local Government Authorities and on the other hand includes Non-State Actors, SCL private sector partners and SCL (other departments and sections). The Policy Department is led by the Policy Manager and supported by a  Policy Specialist.