There is significant potential to expand the production of soya for animal feed and oil in Tanzania. The majority of the demand for animal feed protein is currently being met by imports and dagaa fish. Despite the Government of Tanzania having identified soya production as a key priority for the country’s agricultural development, presently, domestic production of soybeans remains limited.

The Southern Highlands region is home to the majority of the country’s soya cultivation, with Ludewa Cluster (Songea) taking the lead and the Ihemi Cluster as a particular focus for smallholder production. Smallholder yields are often low, however, due to acidic soil, minimal use of fertilisers, limited availability of quality seeds and poor crop management. Building a strong value chain is critical to boosting production. The soya value chain can incorporate a wide range of actors, from smallholders to large-scale producers, brokers and agents, processors, retailers and consumers. SAGCOT is working with a range of partners, led by the Clinton Development Initiative and its Anchor Farm project to build an interlinked value chain in maize, soya and animal feed. The Soya Value Chain will develop linkages along the value chain and tackle some of the obstacles to the growth of the sector, such as seed availability, regulation and production methods.

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