The potato (Solanum Tuberosum) is a crop that is well suited for production in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and which can make significant contributions to food and economic security. It has a higher financial return per unit area and time than most common staple crops and is growing in national and international demand. Through its assessment of partner activities in the corridor, the SAGCOT Centre recognised a critical mass of actors who were interested and active in establishing a commercial potato value chain in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania.

The SAGCOT Centre convened a series of exploratory meetings as well as a farmer field day to discuss the business opportunities related to establishing a viable value chain in Tanzania’s potato growing region of Njombe in Ihemi Cluster. Based on the outcomes of these discussions, a coalition of partners came together to launch a project to introduce improved seed, mechanisation and good agricultural practices to farmers. Partners include representatives from local and national government, private input and production companies, financial institutions, and development partners.

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